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For all passionate fans of coffee, we manage to create a shop where coffee will be treated as the most precious potion in the world. The only person that adores coffee can understand this concept, and we decided a paradise for them.

Famous UK Drinks


Three holly drinks tea, beer, and wine. Depending on the occasion we drink these three potions. No person in the world is not familiar with the British tea custom. I t is 5 o’clock, and it is time for tea. We prefer black tea combined with mild and honey.


Wine usually goes with dinner with friends or your partner. Whether you prefer Riesling, Gah-vurtz-tra-meener or chardonnay, you can find them all in the restaurant’s offer. The same is with red wines. British people like to enjoy the food and drinks, and they like to have a choice.


On every single corner in Great Britain, you can find the warm place called PUB where you can enjoy the mot quality beer in the world. People usually drink it when they go out to chat with friends. Types vary from amber, blond, brown to cream.

Chef British breakfast

There is no breakfast in Great Britain without bacon and egg. We usually like the strong breakfast so we can be productive during the entire day. The most common variant is with sausage. First, we put butter in the fry and a little sugar to caramelize the bacon, and then we fry the rest in the same bacon juice.



Our recommendation is London Cocktail Week where you can enjoy the most various dinks and their taste. It usually takes place in London between 2nd to 8th October.

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