Calling all coffee fans! We’ve created a place where coffee is king.

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The British love affair with tea is well known. It’s been a part of daily life since the Victorian times. We offer traditional English Breakfast tea as well as a range of white, green and black teas.


Wine usually goes with dinner with friends or your partner. Whether you prefer Riesling, Cabernet or Chardonnay, you can find them all on our wine menu.


On every single corner in Great Britain, you can find a warm, welcoming pub where you can enjoy the best quality beer in the world. People usually go here for a drink and a catchup with friends.

The Great British Breakfast

There is no breakfast in Great Britain without bacon and egg. We usually like a hearty breakfast so we can have fuel for the entire day.



Sherring Tons consider the morning commute the best part of the day. Hear us out on this one! Every morning we put a hot cup of coffee into the hands of hundreds of sleepy commuters who depend on us to get their day started. We get to know faces, schedules and regular orders – its the busiest part of the day for us, and we love it!
We work hard to make that cup of coffee the highlight of your morning Рfrom choosing the beans to using  us to make sure that your drink stays hot for as long as it takes for your train to arrive at its destination. 

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