Enjoy London the cheap way: top tips

Forget about the fact that London is the home of thousands of millionaires. You can have tons of fun in London with only a couple of pounds in your pockets. No need to start breaking into your college fund or asking for money. You can save your rent money for, well, rent. Keep reading to see how you can have a blast in London while keeping your wallet intact.


Look for happy hours

Any self-respecting bar in London will offer a happy hour from time to time. It is your chance to exploit the moment when you can sample an expensive cocktail of a glass of exquisite wine. Visit the London Cocktail Bar of the Monument during happy hours. You can also try Slim Jim’s Liqour Store.

Get a load of stand-up

If you`re a comedy fan, there are some great comedians to see in London. Just keep an eye out, and you will enjoy free comedy in London. Keep a smile on your face and your pennies in your pockets. Pay a visit to Angel Comedy or The Miller.

Free music

Young, upcoming DJs perform around London all year long. Moreover, many of them play music for free, just head over to Camden or Brixton. You will hear free tunes from anywhere. We recommend Pop Brixton and Hootannany.

Theatre at half price

West End is the synonym for theatre. Not only that, it is one of the most prestigious locations for actors to perform. This usually means needing to spend tons of cash to see a play, but not always.


At TKTS booth, Leicester Square, you can get cheap tickets for many shows. If you book online in advance, you can get even better deals.

Cheap bars

Like to spend the evening in a bar, socializing with friends and unknowns, drinking and having fun? We all do, but this means spending a lot of money. Not always, though. Pick Soho, Thirst, Ridley Road Market. You`ll be glad to drink a 3-pound pint.

Cheap food

Have you ever eaten in London and not spend your rent on dinner? Yes, that can be done. In fact, there are a lot of options for you.

Head out to one of the Spaghetti houses or the Masala Zones. These are affordable restaurants in which you will enjoy a good meal.